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A Leader in public procurement,

specializing in supply chain management

and B2B consulting. 



Providing competitive procurement solutions for Healthcare, Foodservice, and Commercial Industries

Gassant Enterprises is a leading provider of procurement services. With a longstanding commitment to best in class sourcing and delivery, the company actively negotiates with manufacturers to provide cost efficient goods and services to decrease budget spend and increase productivity.  Having partnered with numerous South Florida entities, the company has been awarded over 3.5 million in contracts and purchases.

B2B services are now available for businesses who are seeking to start-up or transition into public procurement. 



Expert Logistical Services


Certified SBE 



B2B Consulting

Founder, Makeba Gassant 

Creating a minority & woman owned business allows me to celebrate diversity and work towards equity & inclusion. My mission is simple: bring value by closely listening to the needs and  expectations of clientele. Our business  continues to grow  in South Florida and I'm passionate about giving back to the community which I serve and engaging business owners to learn public procurement strategy.  


Serving South Florida Since 2018

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